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Recruiting: Bard, Enchanter Also accepting socials who are open to join for the occasional raid spot when there is room. Check for requirements on Public Forum.
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Welcome to Fatality

Fatality Greets You!

Fatality was created with the intent to provide a fun and drama free guild environment, and welcomes like minded people.  We love to group, hang out and raid.  Whereas, we’re not taking things all too serious, when it comes to raiding, we are all business.........

All joking aside, we do take raiding serious.  Fatality raids on a casual basis 3 nights a week.  More detailed information can be found in the Forum.

Social players and crafters are, of course, welcome, too.

Some things, we are trying to do differently.  As such, we have opted not to have the common hierarchy  in the Guild’s Leadership.  Instead, we have adopted a rather novel approach.  The actual Guild Leader (lovingly called “Head Lemming” ), a. k. a. Our Fearless Leader, is basically a token position;  it may even get rotated among Senior Officers as it is really only needed for administrative purposes.  We decided on a 7 people Leadership Group, in which each person has equal rights, responsibilities, etc. Certain decisions are discussed and agreed on by this group; at times with input from the rest of the guild’s body.

Rules are kept to a minimum, but people are expected to convey themselves in a non-offensive manner.  What we will absolutely not tolerate, though,  is drama and antagonism, which is subject to immediate guild removal.
Be 18+.

So, let’s be merry and have fun!

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